Despite the general rule that Contract Maintenance follow an Air Carrier’s FAA-approved maintenance program, the Department of Transportation Inspector General (IG), “had noted lapses in the means to ensure air carrier manuals are followed when contracted maintenance is performed. The deficiencies noted include a lack of  guidance and training for the maintenance providers, and insufficient oversight of that maintenance.” The IG recommended a rule that would require the FAA to better identify Air Carrier Contact Maintenance Providers.

Consequently, “[t]he proposed rules would require these operators to develop policies, procedures, methods, and instructions for performing contract maintenance that are acceptable to the FAA and to include them in their maintenance manuals. The rules would also require the operators to provide a list to the FAA of all persons with whom they contract their maintenance.”

The full Notice of Proposed Rulemaking can be read here.

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FAA Issues Final Fatigue Rule for Pilots

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Today the FAA under Acting Administrator, Michael Huerta, issued the final rule intended to address the longstanding issue of pilot rest, or lack thereof.  According to the FAA’s press release, the key components of the final rule (applicable to commercial passenger flights) are:

  1. Varying flight and duty requirements based on what time the pilot’s day begins;
  2. Decreased Flight Duty Periods;
  3. Increased Flight Time Limits ;
  4. Increased Minimum Rest Periods;
  5. Revised Cumulative Flight and Duty Time Limits; and
  6. Requirements that Pilots “affirmatively state” that they are physically fit for flight.

Furthermore, the FAA would permit airlines to develop an alternative way of mitigating fatigue if based on data and science.

Read the press release:

Read the final rule:

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On Monday (November 15, 2010) the FAA will publish into the Federal Register the final rules implementing its Aging Airplane Program aimed to help prevent Widespread Fatigue Damage.  The rules will amend 14 CFR Parts 25, 26, 121, and 129.

Read the Final Rule. (Opens in new window.)

Read the Wall Street Journal Article. (Opens in new window; Subscription may be required.)

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