The Kientzy Law firm knows that when you receive a certified letter from the FAA you typically are not receiving very good news. We have advised, assisted, and defended many private, commercial, and airline transport pilots, and A&P mechanics during the FAA enforcement action process.

Simply stated, the process can be broken down into three separate stages: (1) the event that triggers the investigation or the FAA’s notification to the airman of the investigation; (2) the FAA Action; and (3) judicial review.

Understanding the process and strategies available at different stages of the representation can go a long way to alleviating the stress associated with the Letter of Investigation, Notice of Proposed Certificate Action, Civil Penalty, and Order of Suspension or Revocation.

If you are interested in learning more about FAA investigations, alleged violations, and the enforcement action process, please click on one of the corresponding links to the right.

The Firm practices primarily in aviation-related legal matters. These matters include:

  • Representation of individuals, pilots, and mechanics in the defense of FAA and TSA administrative enforcement actions, letters of investigation, requests for reexamination (709 rides) and assistance reviewing and preparing voluntary disclosure program documentation, including NASA Aviation Safety Reporting Program (ASRS), and Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) reports;
  • Representation individuals, pilots, and mechanics in the defense of minor state and local administrative regulatory, criminal code or ordinance violations (e.g., DUI/DWI and/or other traffic violations);
  • Representation of repair stations, maintenance facilities, air carriers, and air agencies in the defense of FAA and TSA enforcement actions, and minor local ordinance violations;
  • NTSB administrative litigation and appeals, Airman medical certification, and Hazardous materials enforcement actions;
  • Guidance on FAA, DOT, and DHS regulation, certification, filings and reporting;
  • Guidance and advice regarding Aircraft Prepurchase Inspections, Acquisitions & Sales; Aircraft Charter, Management, and Service Agreements; Aircraft Financing; Aircraft Fractional Ownership; Aircraft Leasing; Federal Income/Excise Tax; State Sales & Use Tax; Property Tax; Aircraft Registration; Aircraft Ownership and Operational structures.

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